Saturday, March 16, 2013

Campagnolo EPS Shifting Problem

After an extensive web search I have not been able to find anything associated with a problem I am now having with my EPS system. I'll give a quick time-line and share the troubleshooting to this point:

  1. I've ridden the system for approximately 150 hours of flawless operation
  2.  Last week, about 40 minutes into a session on the rollers I started to experience multiple down-shifts, meaning that I would intend to shift down one smaller cog on my cassette, but it would jump 2-3 cogs.
  3. I could upshift 1 cog at a time.
  4. After finishing the ride I performed a zero-reset which is when you hold both mode buttons as the same time, and go through the process of letting the system know where the 2nd and 10th cogs are located.
  5. After performing this process, I could shift through the cassette twice, but on the third run (from either side of the cassette) it would not go into the last two cogs in that direction. So if I started the run from the smallest cog, I could not shift into the largest two. Or if I started from the largest I could not get into the smallest two.
  6. My LBS called the distributor and they suggested a factory reset. To do this, the magnet was inserted into the power source/brain and both mode buttons were held for 30 seconds and the zero process was then followed.
  7. This did change the behavior in that now I can get in every cog however, I still have a shifting problem. When in the largest cog, I have to hit the down shift button twice before it will shift and then it jumps down two cogs. I can upshift to get back to the 10th, but there is no way to shift from the 11th to the 10th.
At this point it looks like the system is going to need to go back. I will update this post to see what the resolution is, but I'm betting the brain/power source will need to be replaced.

********Update - QPB tested the group and said that the rear derailleur limiter screw was too tight. While I have seen that if the screw is too tight it will cause faults, I am VERY skeptical that this was the cause of my problem. Once I have a chance to test it I will update this post.

********After reinstalling the serviced group, I continued to have the same shifting problem. I once again did a hard reset using the "factory reset" and zeroing the system, it started shifting properly and has been fine for a couple of weeks. I feel like this problem will come back, but I certainly hope not.


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  1. has the similar problem. it appear when I use multishift - press up/downshift button continuosly. then rear deraileur can move only between 10th and 11th cog, or between 5th and 11th cog only.